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Nick Saban Responds to Jim Harbaugh's Twitter Comments

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The talk about satellite camps will never go away.

Nick Saban said during a press conference Tuesday that the camps were "bad for college football." The Alabama head coach had a lot to say about the camps after initially deciding that he was not going to talk about them.

"This is the wild, wild west at its best," Saban said. "There have been no specific guideline relative to how we're managing control of this stuff. It's happening outside the normal evaluation window, which means we're taking time away from our players."

Saban spoke about the coach who has taken a great liking to the camps, Michigan's Jim Harbaugh.

"[Harbaugh] can do whatever he wants to do if he thinks that's what's best," Saban continued. "There needs to be somebody who looks out for what's best for the game, not the SEC or the Big Ten or Jim Harbaugh. But what's best for the game of college football."

Obviously the statements got back to Harbaugh and he went to his favorite social media platform... Twitter.

Saban didn't let it end there.

It would be a beautiful thing to see these two coaches face each other on the field at some point.