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Notre Dame Academic Coach Fired Amid Rumors She Coerced Athletes into Having Sex With Her Daughter


Notre Dame has fired a female academic coach amid rumors she targeted African-American players from the football and basketball teams, and coerced them into having sex with her daughter.

In a report obtained by NY Daily News, the accuser is a student who claims he was pressured into having sex with the coach's daughter and goes on to mention another player who even dated the daughter in question.

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"She was exploiting African-American males," a lawyer for the accuser said. "He was invited to the family's private home to facilitate the relationship."

The academic coach also allegedly set up sexual liaisons between the athlete and her daughter.

"She was encouraging it," the lawyer continued. "The mom sought him out and promoted the relationship by providing hotel rooms and condoms."

Once the relationship was in full bloom, the academic coach would then interrogate the athlete about the nature of it. She would badger and pressure him with "racially-charged comments about his sexual prowess and genitalia." 

The school is taking the allegations seriously and looking into the matter, only saying that as of now they are "unfounded."