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Notre Dame DT Jay Hayes Benched Because of Negative Tweets About Coaching Staff


One tweet can change everything.

Jay Hayes is learning that the hard way. The Notre Dame defensive tackle took to Twitter to vent his frustration regarding his lack of playing time, and guess who saw it? The very people who have the most interest in his Twitter account, the Notre Dame football staff.

Brian Kelly announced Hayes wouldn't be playing this weekend because of his tweets. The one thing he was complaining about got worse because he was complaining about it. Go figure.

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"You have to think before you hit send, and what you have to do is knock on my door instead of hitting the send button, Kelly said. "If he has a job at Google and talks about his boss that way, he probably is not going to have a job the next day."

Kelly hopes this is a valuable lesson for Hayes going forward.

"You just tell them, 'Look, you need to make a better decision next time or it's going to impact you when you leave here.' He won't be on the travel roster this week for that mistake."

As the kids say, the streets is "twatching."

(h/t ESPN)