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Ohio State Reportedly Bans Ex-Buckeye All-American For Stealing Practice Tape

Ohio State helmet.

Ohio State Football is known for producing NFL talent, Heisman Trophy finalists, and numerous award winners each year. 

However, one of the program's own former All-Americans was reportedly involved in a 2021 legal battle with the university over stealing unauthorized practice film.  

In a report that surfaced today from "Meet at Midfield," former Buckeye Kirk Barton as well as associate Ken Stickney have had their Athletics media credentials stripped for the "foreseeable future."

In an email sent from Ohio State spokesperson Jerry Emig to arbitrator Robert Glickman covering the situation, Emig wrote: 

"The actions of Barton and Stickney in August of 2021 were a direct violation of Ohio State's closed football practice policy. They were also uniquely problematic because of the improper and dishonest manner in which they gained access to these closed practices. They compromised the spirit of journalistic integrity by exposing team formations, schemes and personnel changes."

"I can confirm that Barton and Stickney will not receive Athletics media credentials for the foreseeable future. In light of the actions of Barton and Stickney, Ohio State will assess the approved credentials for all Buckeye Scoop writers/photographers/videographers, and it's possible that some credentials will be revoked."

Buckeye Scoop is the website that Barton and Stickney created alongside Marc Givler, who has left the site and launched his own page, Buckeye Huddle. 

While the legal battle has concluded, Barton and Stickney have continued to push Buckeye Scoop as a place to view insider information related to the program.