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Ohio State Football: Coaches and Analysts Comment on Urban Meyer Situation


Ohio State head coach Urban Meyer is on paid leave at the moment, but that doesn't stop people from asking about him. 

Everyone from Paul Finebaum to Steve Spurrier was asked to give their thoughts on Brett McMurphy's Ohio State report and what it could mean for the future. Alabama coach Nick Saban gave a PC answer, which is the safest bet considering no one knows the full extent of the situation.

Finebaum went with a more blatant approach, and even went as far as to call Meyer a "fraud" on ESPN's First Take.

"When we're talking about arrogance, that seems to go hand in hand with Urban Meyer," Finebaum said. "I have always liked him personally, I've respected his coaching ability, but you can't look past the University of Florida. I mean, he left a disaster down there. Oh yeah, he won two national championships ... but he left his entire legacy in burned ashes."

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The Meyer questions didn't stop there. The Orlando Sentinel reached out to retired head ball coach Steve Spurrier to get his thoughts. 

"I consider Urban a good friend," Spurrier told the Sentinel. "Here's what I'm hoping and praying happened is that his wife, Shelley, did not tell him about the latest incident in 2015. It's unfortunate that the guy [Zach Smith] was allowed to be on the staff for that long period of time ... I was one coach who told the players up front: 'If you ever hit a girl or get any sort of domestic violence charge or sexual charge then you're finished.' That was one rule I had that there was no negotiating on."

On Friday, Iowa State head coach Matt Campbell was asked potentially being a top target if Meyer is fired.

Only time will tell what will happen with Ohio State and Urban Meyer's legacy in the long run.