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Ohio State Groom and Michigan Bride Wed


Who says fans of rival teams can't make it work?

Ohio State and Michigan are now bonded for life in some sort. Stephanie and Mike Stout took their wedding photos in the famous tunnel at Michigan Stadium. Stephanie is a huge Wolverines fan and her husband lives for the Buckeyes... this should end well.

In all seriousness, these two are proof and hope that maybe a Steelers fan can marry a Ravens fan, or a Blue Devil and a Tar Heel can make it work.

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Even though the couple took the picture at The Big House, Mike still had to throw up the O-H-I-O in the tunnel.

"I asked if we could have our reception at Michigan Stadium," Stephanie told ESPN. "I knew when to ask, but he said — if he could do some Buckeyes."

If you're worried about the future child for the Stouts, the youngster will be able to make his own choice.

"We have an agreement that when it comes to baby clothes, whatever is clean will be worn," Mike said. "But once they're old enough, they will have the right to decide on their own to be Buckeyes."

Something tells me the young Stout may end up a Michigan State fan.