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Ohio State Asks Permission to Honor Virginia Shooting Victims


Shortly after the Virginia shooting that left two dead, the Virginia Tech football team revealed the helmet sticker they would use to honor the victims and their family.

Now the very classy Ohio State Buckeyes will be wearing the same helmet sticker after granted permission to do so.

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Ohio State announced they were granted permission to wear the similar stickers.

"Ohio State expressed a desire to show it's solidarity with Virginia Tech in remembering the vibrant lives of Alison Park and Adam Ward," Virginia Tech athletic director Whit Babcock said. "Coach Beamer and I both agreed it was a wonderful gesture on the part of Gene Smith, Urban Meyer, and the Buckeyes. We hope fans of both teams join us in hopefully providing some solace to the friends, families, and co-workers who continue to miss Alison and Adam."

The Buckeyes have a habit of showing unity with other teams in difficult times.

The game will be special in more ways than one.