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Old College Football Story About Queen Elizabeth Is Going Viral This Thursday

Queen Elizabeth II

The world is currently mourning the loss of Queen Elizabeth II, who passed this Thursday. As we remember her brilliant life, sports fans are recalling a memorable story about The Queen's relationship with college football.

Queen Elizabeth II took her first visit to the U.S. as a monarch in 1957. During her stay in the States, and being 31 at the time, she attended a college football game. The game was an underdog Maryland team against the University of North Carolina. 

The Terrapins upset the Tar Heels that afternoon with The Queen in attendance. Later that day, Queen Elizabeth and Prince Phillip stopped in Hyattsville because of a keen interest in frozen chicken pot pies at a grocery store. 

"During her first visit to the U.S. as a monarch in 1957, Queen Elizabeth II watched Maryland's football team upset UNC at Byrd Stadium," said Scott Allen. "She and Prince Philip later stopped in a Hyattsville Giant and were 'quite interested in the frozen chicken pot pies.'"

Her Majesty clearly had interest in college football. That story of her attendance at a random Maryland-UNC game will long be remembered. 

We send our condolences to the Royal Family and the U.K. during this difficult time.