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Oregon Designers Pay Tribute to Marcus Mariota with Visualized Trophy Case

Marcus Mariota

Marcus Mariota

What does the trophy case look like for one of the most accomplished college football players of the last few years?

Digital journalists Matt Walks and Carli Krueger visualized such a trophy case for former Oregon quarterback Marcus Mariota, who won a Heisman trophy, two Pac-12 titles and more in his three seasons as a starter.

“He’s bound for the NFL now, but Carli and I wanted to pay him a farewell tribute by imagining what his theoretical trophy case might look like,” Walks writes. “One of us graduated from Oregon and the other lives there, so even though he’s gone, we’re not about to forget Mariota’s legacy or accomplishments.”

The trophy case is pretty impressive. Walks breaks down each award in the case here.

(h/t @RedditCFB)