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Outrageous College Football Predictions for the ACC in 2018

Florida State Seminoles RB Cam Akers

Florida State Seminoles RB Cam Akers

We're starting to see the college football polls come out and odds being set in Vegas. The preview magazines, talk shows and talking heads have all had their say.

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All we need to do now is kick off another ho-hum season that is sure to have very few surprises and play out exactly how we all think it will, right?

You know that's not how this works.

For better or worse, it's time once again for some OUTRAGEOUS* college football predictions as the 2018 season approaches.

We'll start off the fun by taking a look at the ACC. It's being painted by many as a done deal for Clemson, with everyone else racing to see who gets to be the runner-up. But as we've seen historically in college football, sure things are very rare in this sport.

Outrageous College Football Predictions for the ACC in 2018

Clemson loses at least two games

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The Tigers' defensive line should be an elite unit, but those guys don't score points. Clemson is going to need to score a bunch to get through its 2018 schedule unscathed, and I'm just not convinced that these Tigers have the horses on that side of the ball to get that done every week. They'll be in plenty of shootouts, and none will be bigger than the one they get into with Florida State in Tallahassee. They'll drop that game, the season finale to in-state rival South Carolina and one more.

Boston College will win nine games

Everything the Eagles do on offense will run through superback AJ Dillon. That offense returns nine starters, including all five offensive linemen. They'll have no issues moving the ball -- especially on the ground. The defense -- as has been the case in recent years -- should make the Eagles a tough out once again. Look for Steve Addazio's club to run the table through the first six games of the season and split the last six.

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Georgia Tech wins the Coastal Division

The flexbone is alive and well down in Atlanta. This season, it will be executed by a very seasoned offensive unit that returns a line full of upperclassmen and its top four leading rushers. A switch in scheme to a 3-4 on defense will work better for their smaller, speedier defenders and allow the Yellow Jackets to match up better against some of the high-octane offenses they'll face. They also get Miami and Clemson at home. Look for Georgia Tech to emerge as champions in an ugly dogfight of a divisional race.

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Florida State wins the Atlantic Division

Willie Taggart has inherited a roster full of athletes ready to execute his scheme to its full potential immediately. Cam Akers is as talented as they come at running back, and he'll be very involved in the offense -- much like Marlon Mack was for Taggart's South Florida team a few years back. Defensively, as always, there are elite athletes flying all over the field. Defensive coordinator Harlon Barnett will have all the tools he needs to get as creative as he wants. Additionally, the Seminoles get Virginia Tech and Clemson at home.

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The ACC gets left out of the College Football Playoff

I called this last year and Clemson did its best by losing to Syracuse in mid-October and nearly losing to NC State two weeks later. This year, the ACC champion Florida State Seminoles will have two losses before the conference championship game takes place. Between the preference of the committee and what we've seen unfold historically, there's very little chance that a two-loss team punches a ticket to the College Football Playoff.

*Remember, "outrageous" can be defined as “wildly exaggerated or improbable,” and “very bold, unusual, and startling.” These are "outrageous" predictions and should be treated as such.

— Written by J.P. Scott, who is part of the Athlon Contributor Network. His work has appeared on,, Yahoo! SBNation and Bleacher Report. Follow him on Twitter @TheJPScott.