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Pac-12 College Football Teams as Rock and Roll Bands

USC Trojans

USC Trojans

Music, like sports, sparks debate, creates discussion and can even lead to heated disagreements.

But both are unquestionably a huge part of American culture. So Athlon Sports has decided to combine two of our favorite things — rock and roll with college football.

What if our favorite football programs were rock and roll bands? Every Power 5 team will be represented, so if you don’t see your favorite band or school here, keep your eyes peeled.

Power 5 Teams as Rock Bands: ACC | Big Ten | Big 12 | Pac-12 | SEC

Here are the 12 Pac-12 schools as rock bands:

Arizona: The Ramones

Their sound and touring is exactly what Rich Rodriguez would use to describe his offense — up-tempo, fast and non-stop. This group is never fully respected when its good by the big cities of the East Coast despite hailing from the Eastern time zone and they are at their best when they are running a lot of plays and having fun in the process.

Arizona State: Daft Punk

No one can really name anyone who plays on the team but no one misses the party. The kings of the club scene, they dominate the charts once every eight years with electric and innovative play-calling and a high level of talent. There is no better place to hang out than when they are on the big stage.

Cal: Bob Marley and The Wailers

The framework of the personality is politically charged and progressively motivated at its core. It’s really catchy and enjoyable in the right situation but too much of it can be a bad thing over time. And Tight Wad Hill has a similar aroma as the Marley tour bus.

Colorado: Phish

Where else can you find this many hippies in one place? This group was very successful and reached cult status but did so over a decade ago. Then a complete lack of commitment internally and creative differences led to a costly break-up. Trey Anastasio has tried his hand at something new (in the Pac-12) but it hasn’t worked out as most expected — despite a good personality fit.

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Oregon: David Bowie

Flashy, experimental and big on wardrobe changes makes David Bowie a perfect fit in Eugene. Extremely well respected but a little weird and far-out most of the time and never won the national title of the music industry despite being somewhat ahead of his time. He’s been around a long time and loves to try new things and act a little crazy, earning critical acclaim in the process.

Oregon State: Alabama Shakes

An independent, bluesy, soul rock band that has only recently risen into musical success. They do things their own unique way and have grown their popularity among the grassroots live music lovers of the festival scene. Both have a lot of upside and potential moving forward with unusual stars fronting the act.

Stanford: Neil Young

One of the most creative, intelligent and forward-thinking individuals in the history of music. He’s had a long and incredibly decorated career with major (yet possibly) underrated successes over a 50-year period of time. The Silicon Valley of music (he holds numerous U.S. patents) has impacted nearly every angle of the industry.

UCLA: Coldplay

One of the best light shows in the business belongs in the City of Lights. This is a big band with big budgets, tons of record sales and a high-profile name. However, the substance has been severely lacking for most of its existence and has never really been better than 8-4. And like UCLA basketball, Chris Martin’s spouse is more well-known.

USC: Led Zeppelin

Possibly under appreciated on the East Coast (especially during their height) but beloved on the West Coast. Generally, this team is led by a heartthrob superstar who dominated his industry while on the team but never reached the same levels of success in the next phase of his career (and the most gifted architect of the team was always someone else — Troy Polamalu, Mike Patterson, Reggie Bush, Sam Baker, Rey Maualuga). Slightly self-destructive, extremely elite and powerful and somewhat misunderstood during its time.

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Utah: Jason Isbell

You think you know all about him but you’re not entirely sure. He dominated the music world as a member of the Drive-By Truckers only to move on with a more calculated (and sober) approach in his new genre. He now wins on the field with a more complete and refined game that speaks to an old-school mentality in a new-wave industry.

Washington: Nirvana

Reached the top of the mountain in the early 1990s behind the leadership of a cult hero in the city of Seattle. However, this program hasn’t been able to get out of its own way and was obviously and tragically self-destructive. It’s been a memory every since. And like Dave Grohl, head coaches have headed to Los Angeles to try their hand at other things.

Washington State: Robert Randolph and the Family Band

They sort of dwell in music obscurity, but when it’s good, it’s as fun to watch as anything in the game today. The leader is generally too talented and smart for his own good at times, creating elite-level schemes and concepts without the championship-level appreciation. There is some Ernest Hemingway to both Mike Leach and Mr. Randolph.