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Paul Finebaum Has A Stern Warning For 1 SEC Coach

Paul Finebaum

One SEC head football coach could be coaching his last game or two over the next two weeks. According to Paul Finebaum, that head coach is Auburn's Bryan Harsin. 

There have been multiple reports suggesting Auburn will soon move on from Harsin. It could have happened as soon as last weekend. However, Harsin's Tigers narrowly escaped with an overtime win vs. Missouri. 

A slip-up from here on out could mean the end of Harsin's Auburn tenure. Finebaum thinks "it's over" for Harsin. 

“I was watching that game on a plane at 32,000 feet, which is good in this sense because there’s nowhere to go," Paul Finebaum said Monday on McElroy and Cubelic. “I don’t know what I would’ve done if I was in the Auburn section or even worse, on the Missouri sideline. Listen, there’s nothing else I can add in terms of the ineptitude, but I came away really depressed about both programs and the future of both programs. To me, the Bryan Harsin conversation has nowhere to go. It’s over for Bryan Harsin. He’s made no compelling argument to keep his job. You can celebrate a win and scream War Eagle guys, but watch is coaching during that game. It was said.”

“I think ultimately with Malzhan, it caught up to him at the end,” Finebaum said, via 247Sports. “His recruiting trailed off and I think as Georgia became a juggernaut on top of Alabama and LSU’s always made a difference, it just became more difficult. His last year or two, as you know, his recruiting had tailed off. Some of it had to do with the knowledge that Malzahn was on his way out. Then I think you compound it with an abominable recruiting approach the last two years. For all the reasons you should get rid of Bryan Harsin or not, I think recruiting is really where it’s at. Before I got rid of him, I think I’d say ‘okay, we’ve seen your recruiting plan for two years, how is that different today as we head into December?’ I don’t think he has a compelling argument, really.”

Bryan Harsin could be coaching his last game this week, next or the week after that. Auburn plays LSU, Georgia and the Ole Miss over the next three weeks. 

If the Tigers fall to LSU this weekend, Harsin may be shown the exit.