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Paul Finebaum Uses 1 Word To Describe How He Feels About 2 Prominent SEC Programs

Last Saturday afternoon, the Auburn Tigers narrowly escaped a close game against the Tigers of Missouri. It was a pretty awful football game, and Paul Finebaum came away "depressed" about what he saw. 

There's a belief out there that Auburn will eventually move on from head coach Bryan Harsin. He hasn't put the Tigers in a position to be successful. Missouri, meanwhile, simply can't seem to crack the code and get back in SEC contention. 

Finebaum is "depressed" about the state and future of both programs. 

“There’s nothing else I can add in terms of the ineptitude, but I just came away really depressed about both programs, and the future of both programs,” Finebaum said. “To me, the Bryan Harsin conversation has nowhere to go. It’s over for Bryan Harsin. He has made no compelling argument to keep his job. You can celebrate a win and scream War Eagle guys, but watch his coaching during that game. It was sad, and on the other sideline, why waste the time.”

It's sad to see how far Auburn has fallen. But it appears there's a simple solution. 

Boise State has fallen off a cliff since Harsin left and Andy Avalos took over. The Broncos would probable re-hire Harsin in a second; that would be good news for Auburn, if true. 

The Tigers could then, once again, go in a new direction.