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PETA Wants LSU to Stop Using Captive Tigers as Mascots


After hearing LSU's live mascot, Mike VI, was been diagnosed with terminal cancer, PETA felt it was time to step in.

The animal rights organization, along with LSU Animal Advocates, sent a letter calling for the school to stop using captive mascots. The letter states the damaging effects of having an animal caged, saying they could suffer psychologically when they are stressed and confined.

"People today realize that orcas don't belong in tanks, elephants don't belong in circuses, and tigers don't belong in cages in stadiums," Rachel Mathews, a member of the PETA Foundation, said. "PETA is calling on LSU to honor Mike VI and spare future tigers a lifetime of misery by ending the live-mascot program for good."

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The letter goes on to state the tigers are being deprived and the only decent thing to do would be to stop the practice. A school spokesperson responded by saying they were focusing on Mike VI at the moment and it may not be the best time to dive deep into new mascot talk.

"This is not the time to discuss football season or a new tiger mascot. We are focused on Mike's health and well-being at this time."