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Podcast: Are college football coaches underpaid?


-Braden Gall and Mitch Light breakdown the latest in college football. Don't forget to subscribe here and rate us if you like (or don't like) what you hear!

- Are college football coaches overpaid or underpaid? The answer is... yes. (Which, of course, leads us into a conversation about the value of college football players.)

- Has Jim Harbaugh become the center of college football?

- Athlon Sports is celebrating its 50th birthday by doing a bunch of college football history lessons. The first involves more than a dozen long-time college football experts rankings the best 50 players of the last 50 years. Per usual, we disagree with it and each other a lot.

- Is the Kentucky Derby the best party in sports? In one very specific way, the answer is yes.

- Braden has been invited to Mitch's son's Bar Mitzvah. There are guidelines and obligations.

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