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Podcast: College Football Dream Road Trip for 2018 (Listen Now)

Cotton Bowl

Cotton Bowl

Do you love college football? (It’s a rhetorical question.)

What would be better than visiting a new venue every week of the season? Braden Gall and Mitch Light, the hosts of the Athlon Sports Cover 2 Podcast, have picked the games for their second annual College Football Dream Road Trip.

The rules are simple: You can visit a venue only once per season and you can see a team only one time as well. So if you pick the Iron Bowl in Week 13, you can’t visit Athens in Week 11 for the Auburn at Georgia game. For those who want to formulate their own trip, here’s a tip: Do not start with Week 1 and work your way down the schedule; pick the three or four games you have to go see and fill in the gaps around those dates.

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Also, this doesn’t have to be exclusively about seeing the best games (though that is important); you can also work in some venues that you really want to see. Mitch and Braden both picked games at Nebraska. Neither is a “big” game on the 2018 schedule, but Lincoln is a great place to watch college football.

Listen to the podcast (below) and let us know what games you would attend on your dream road trip: @athlonsports, @bradengall, @athlonmitch

College Football Dream Road Trip for 2018


Mitch Light

Braden Gall

Week 1

Michigan at Notre Dame

West Virginia vs. Tennessee (Charlotte)

Week 2

Clemson at Texas A&M

Colorado at Nebraska

Week 3

Oklahoma at Iowa State

Alabama at Ole Miss

Week 4

TCU at Texas

Wisconsin at Iowa

Week 5

Florida at Mississippi State

Florida at Mississippi State

Week 6

San Diego State at Boise State

Oklahoma vs. Texas (Dallas)

Week 7

Washington at Oregon

Michigan State at Penn State

Week 8

Minnesota at Nebraska

USC at Utah

Week 9

Baylor at West Virginia

Clemson at Florida State

Week 10

Wisconsin at Penn State

Stanford at Washington

Week 11

Ohio State at Michigan State

Auburn at Georgia

Week 12

Miami at Virginia Tech

Miami at Virginia Tech

Week 13

Auburn at Alabama

Michigan at Ohio State

Week 15

Army vs. Navy (Philadelphia)

Army vs. Navy (Philadelphia)