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Podcast: Official 2016 Big Ten Football Preview

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Braden Gall, Mitch Light and David Fox are back previewing the Power 5. Today, we dive deep into Big Ten country.

- First, the nine-game conference schedule? What are the advantages and disadvantages and do we like it? Who is it good for? Who does it hurt?

- The Big Ten West's repuation is on the line this fall. Right?

- Wisconsin has a lot of unknowns and one of the toughest schedules in the nation. Are the Badgers and Northwestern the pride of the B1G middle class or can they compete in the division?

- Was there any thought to picking against Iowa in the West Division (hint: not a chance). How good can this team be and can it compete with the big boys from the East?

- Tommy Armstrong could be the most important player in the conference this fall and the Cornhuskers season likely hinges on his performance (and, just maybe, the defense).

- Michigan vs. Ohio State? What seperates the two? Is the hype around Harbaugh legit? Does Michigan State belong on the same tier or in another class? Does the Big Ten race come down to one game on the final weekend of the regular season? Or can the Spartans crash the party?


- What do we make of the new coaches at Maryland, Rutgers, Illinois and Minnesota. Who are we buying into long-term and who do we like in '16?

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