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Podcast: Ranking the '17 Rosters and Glorifying Coaches


Mitch Light and Braden Gall to breakdown the latest in college football. Don't forget to subscribe here and rate us if you like (or don't like) what you hear!

- Why are we obsessed with Jim Harbaugh? And does Harbaugh just need to get used to it?

- This leads us into a bigger discussion about the glorification of college coaches and the impact it has on our communities. Why does the media (and fans) deify college coaches unlike the pro version? Is there any solution to the problem?

- Before spring practice begins, it's important to know where each roster stands in terms of talent. The guys rank the top rosters in the nation based on the last five recruiting classes and how it may shape 2017.

- Lastly, did we like the NCAA Tournament selection committee stealing its ranking idea from college football?

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