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Podcast: What will College Football look like in 2026?


Braden Gall and David Fox look deep into their Mario Cristobal and try to predict how college football will look in ten years.

- To try to grasp where college football could be in 2026, we have to look back at the game in 2006. DVRs and HD TV was brand new, Twitter didn't exist and the WAC was a thing.

- How will technology changes impact the game? How will it impact how we view the game at home and in stadiums? What about eSports? Will we be practicing against holograms?

- What conferences will still exist and which are in danger? Will the Group of 5 break away (or join the NCAA)? Will we have two national champions? Which league will Texas be in?

- How will we determine a champion? Will we use home site locations? Will the playoff expand? What happens to bowl games? And will we have a true "national" championship game?

- And Fox is getting married this weekend! Vetoed songs, honey moons, first looks and lots more wedding analysis you don't want to miss.

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