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Prominent College Football Writer Refutes Dan Patrick's Pac-12 Expansion Rumor

Dan Patrick

This Monday morning Dan Patrick set the college football world on fire with a rumor about Pac-12 expansion. 

Patrick revealed he's hearing that the Pac-12 will add San Diego State to the conference as soon as this week. 

However, prominent college football writer Nicole Auerbach has refuted Patrick's claim. 

Her sources at The Athletic are telling her that Patrick's report is inaccurate. 

"Re: the report about the Pac-12 announcing the addition of SDSU as soon as this week, a source close to the situation tells @TheAthletic that the report is inaccurate. It's been my understanding that the Pac-12 will do its media deal first before any conference expansion," said Auerbach.

Before the Pac-12 eyes expansion it will reportedly get its media deal done first. Then the Power-Five conference will look at expansion options. 

The Pac-12 has reportedly been exploring expansion options for some time now. It also has to worry about universities like Oregon and Washington staying put. 

Adding a school like San Diego State may be necessary, but right now it's not on top of the Pac-12's priority list.