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Ranking the ACC's Best and Worst College Football Logos in 2015


Just about every sports fan is tied to their team’s logo, which makes ranking logos complicated. To get an educated opinion on what is a good logo and what isn't, Athlon Sports turned to one of the people most responsible for helping produce some of the best-looking magazines on the newsstands, graphic designer Daly Cantrell.

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Here is what she had to say about the ACC's football logos:

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North Carolina

The Tar Heels’ logo is a staple. The font used fits the NC perfectly together creating a timeless look.



The uniqueness of the Canes’ logo is unlike any others. I am a big fan of the symmetry and the color scheme works perfectly together.



There are so many different animal logos, but the tiger paw print is synonymous with Clemson. Also, the roughness of the lines gives the logo a nice edgy feel, which goes perfectly with the bright orange.



The Syracuse S is simple, stylish and sophisticated. This logo screams “sports” and I enjoy the clean edges of the S paired with the color scheme.


Virginia Tech

The combination of the V and T goes together flawlessly and makes it one of the most recognizable initial-based logos.


Florida State

Last year FSU modernized its very historic Seminoles logo. Thank you. There is nothing wrong with a little upgrading and bringing it up to pace with the rest of the world. Props.



Pittsburgh is the only logo that uses its shortened name and it works. Arching the block font and adding a drop cap gives the logo a funky (in a good way) look.



I think this logo had good intentions, but didn’t follow through. The definite points on a more rounded letter makes this logo different, but by connecting the two objects in the center, making the D, the logo would make more of a statement.



I really enjoy the two sabres crossed beneath the serif V. It’s both creative and symmetrical… I just wish the V was filled in.


Wake Forest

Props to the Demon Deacons for finally changing their primary logo. This logo is more modern than the old cartoon-looking one they use as their secondary.


NC State

I would do one of two things. Change the placement and keep the same colors or change the colors of NC and keep the placement. There is just too much going on.


Georgia Tech

The arrangement of the GT makes the Yellow Jackets ‘logo. Also, changing the color to a more brown-based gold instead of the old yellow gold gives this logo a more up-to-date look.



I love this particular logo, but when text is added to it, like for the Cardinals’ secondary logo, I really dislike it. The cardinal stands out on its own well. It’s creative and fierce… you don’t need anything else.


Boston College

The color scheme in this logo doesn’t do it for me. I almost wish the eagle was gold so that it broke up the letters a little more. Just a thought.