Ranking the Big 12 Football Rosters for 2015

Texas enters 2015 with the best players in the conference.

Recruiting rankings matter.


They are not a guarantee of future success but they are the foundation every national championship has been built upon. It takes great coaching, development and luck to win a title, but having better players is the only way to start.


In fact, the data backing up the value of recruiting rankings is impenetrable. For example, look at last year’s rosters. According to the rankings, three of the four best rosters in America belonged to Alabama, Florida State and Ohio State.


These rankings do not take into account attrition but that should be a constant for all teams and conferences equally. So strictly based on recruiting evaluations from 247Sports, here is how the rosters in the Big 12 rank.


Ranking College Football's Rosters in 2015:


  Team '15 '14 '13 '12 '11 Rank W/L Conf.
1. 10 17 17 2 4 10.0 31-21 21-15
2. 15 14 16 12 13 14.0 39-13 26-10
3. 40 28 32 32 25 31.4 35-17 22-14
4. 37 26 27 27 46 32.6 40-12 26-10
5. 33 41 46 25 18 32.6 26-24 13-23
6. 41 42 35 29 30 35.4 34-17 22-14
7. 36 36 31 36 49 37.6 28-23 16-18
8. 54 49 61 74 51 57.8 38-14 27-9
9. 75 55 48 81 42 60.2 10-38 2-34
10. 71 56 60 67 59 62.6 16-34 8-28


Optimism in Austin

Texas regained its toughness under Charlie Strong in year one. On the recruiting trail, it got its mojo back by winning some key battles against the SEC, namely Texas A&M, and the rest of the Big 12. The Horns had the best class in the Big 12 in 2015 and boast the best roster in the league heading into the summer. The Horns are ninth nationally in terms of talent after sneaking back into the top 10 for the first time since the 2012 cycle. Oklahoma is second in the conference and ranks 13th nationally.


Big 12 concerns

The stats cannot be mistaken. The Big 12 has a recruiting issue. Texas and Oklahoma are 1-2 in talent in the Big 12 but would be sixth and eighth in the SEC. No other Big 12 team is ranked inside the top 30, the league isn’t sending players to the NFL and isn’t landing as many five-star or top-100 recruits as it’s accustomed to. Oklahoma used to land top-five classes and now they enter the season without a top-10 class on its roster. The Sooners' average rank is 14.0 nationally — which is good enough to compete for national titles (Oregon ranks 15th) but the margin for error is now razor thin for Stoops and company.


Power in the middle

The good news for fans in the Big 12 is the middle of the league. It’s extremely competitive and entertaining, and the talent levels indicate nothing will change. Oklahoma State (30th), Baylor (32nd), Texas Tech (33rd), TCU (35th) and West Virginia (38th) have virtually identical levels of talent nationally and their games have been extremely fun to watch on the field. With the fourth-ranked roster in the league, however, questions about Baylor’s staying power after two championships are warranted. Can the sixth-ranked roster (TCU) break through and win a league title? Either way, it’s going to be fun to watch once again.


More with less

The Big 12’s “more with less” award goes to Bill Snyder every year and 2015 won’t be any different. Kansas State ranked 56th nationally in terms of talent with an average class ranking of 57.8. According to the rankings, Indiana, Oregon State, Illinois, Northwestern and South Florida have better rosters than the Wildcats. And Snyder couldn’t care less. Like Gary Pinkel in the SEC or Jerry Kill in the Big Ten, Snyder continues to work minor miracles with his personnel.

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