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Ranking College Football's Best and Worst Twitter Accounts


There are some college football Twitter accounts that you can't help but follow. Some teams just have what it takes to connect with their fans and maybe even convert those who aren't.

Twitter is an important part of the equation, especially this day and age. What makes a team's account a must-follow even if you aren't a fan? Personality, graphics, voice, fun, and just an all-out joy to have on your timeline. Some college football teams have what it takes, while others seems to falter.

10 Best College Football Twitter Accounts




1. Clemson


Clemson has really come out of its shell on Twitter this year. With the help of an undefeated season, and Dabo Swinney being the life of the party, the Tigers are social media gold.

2. Baylor


Baylor's account makes you feel like you've followed a friend. It's funny, informative, and it can't be overstated that it's a school that loves its players.

3. Virginia Tech


Virginia Tech is engaging, and during Frank Beamer's last season as head coach, some of the tweets will give you all of the feels. 

4. Ohio State


Ohio State has some of the most passionate fans on social media. Even when there's no football being played, they're making sure you're well-aware of what the other Buckeyes teams are up to. Now that's school spirit.

5. Michigan State 


Exciting finishes during the season and vibrant players help this account achieve the success it has. The Spartans' would be a great addition to any timeline.

6. Utah


Utah just wants people to be aware of anything that has anything to do with its football team, past or present. On top of that, they go about it in a fun way.

7. Northwestern


Great graphics, great tweets, and the web series "On Hold with Christian Salem" (the team's holder) is pretty genius. 

8. Georgia


Those Dawgs are probably the most vocal when it comes to former players. You can always catch the account retweeting Todd Gurley and other former Georgia greats. New head coach Kirby Smart is even on Twitter now. That's an accomplishment in itself.

9. Houston


Tom Herman and Houston greats are a big help here. With the coach getting fitted for a custom grill by rapper Paul Wall, the #HTownTakeover isn't limited to just the field.

10. Washington St.


The thing about Washington St. is that it is always a team effort. It wouldn't be right to mention their dedicated football account without the general sports account, @WSUCougars. From cool football information to funny seasonal tweets, these two are must-follows.

Just missed the cut: Oklahoma


After a second look, the Oklahoma Twitter account is pretty cool. They respond to fans, and the #AskASooner Q&A is clutch. People always want to know what's going on with players and former players so kudos to that idea. The Sooners can only get better from here.

5 Worst College Football Twitter Accounts




1. Michigan


It's a little boring and it really shouldn't be. Michigan has social media gold in head coach Jim Harbaugh (who, by the way, has a pretty cool Twitter account), but there's no life in their tweets.

2. Alabama


Alabama has a high and mighty attitude when it comes to social media, and why shouldn't they? They win so they don't need anyone. They are very self-contained, bland, and just Bama.

3. Wisconsin


Wisconsin has amazing and dedicated fans, but the team's Twitter just doesn't reflect that. 

4. Notre Dame


Notre Dame's Twitter account is exactly what you would expect it to be, cut and dry, no jokes, just straight business.

5. Oregon


For a team known for its unique uniform combinations and a high-powered offense, their social media account doesn't take full advantage of that. They could do a little more when they unveil a new uniform. Have fun once in a while, you guys have an awesome mascot up there, who has a great account of his own.