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Ranking College Football's Best & Worst Team Twitter Accounts for 2018-19


For the most part it's about what you do on the field, but there are times when a team's Twitter account does the talking for them and some of these teams have a lot to say.

We here at Athlon Sports just wanted to take time out to show some appreciation for accounts we think go above and beyond when it comes to social media. Live-tweeting and other events are made better when team accounts have a little personality.

Disclaimer: This list is supposed to be fun so don't take it personal if your squad isn't here or is outranked.

Without further ado, here are the top 10 college football team Twitter accounts for the 2018-19 season.




1. South Carolina


Graphics, video, and taking risks with content is the name of the game for South Carolina. The account engages with people and makes you want to follow even if you aren't fans of the team. That's talent.

2. Georgia


This could be a surprising pick to some but the Dawgs have been doing an amazing job when it comes to social media. The Dawgs' social squad knows how to put together sharable content and one could make a case for them having the best hype videos. 

3. Clemson


The best social list is never complete without the Tigers. They've been doing it well and consistently for a few years now. Having an interesting coach like Dabo on the sidelines doesn't hurt either.

4. UCF


The Knights probably have one of the funniest accounts by a team on Twitter. From the "National Champions" campaign to replying and stirring the pot with their quick wit, UCF has certainly earned its spot this year.

5. Oregon


The quack attack is serious on social media. From the mascot to the uniform reveals, everything just seems to work for Oregon. The best thing about this social team is that they work hard but aren't afraid to have a little fun as well.  

6. Utah


Utah is always a constant. If you ever forget they're around, they'll quickly remind you with a humorous comment on Twitter. The Utes are engaging, have beautifully-shot videos and there's always more to come with this squad. 



The strength of the Longhorns lies within their images. Someone puts in major work behind the scenes and the Texas Twitter account is difficult to ignore. 

8. West Virginia


It's hard to go a full season without seeing something from West Virginia that will catch your eye. They get the perfect shots, capturing a lot of emotion from the players, as well as intricate details on their images showing they put a lot of time and effort into what they putting out there.

9. LSU


The Tigers have had some funny moments that really helped the Twitter team along. Social is always easier when you have fun players to organically help out.

10. Virginia Tech

@VT_Football / @HokiesFB

The two-headed attack from the Hokies can be a blessing for all, from the hardcore to the casual fan. You'll find a lot of fun content on one account, keeping the other open for mainly business. 

At the other end of the spectrum, we have a few programs that could stand to put a little more effort into their social media presence. After all, Twitter can be fun if you make the time to really embrace it.




1. Oregon State


It's hard to keep up when you have a social powerhouse like Oregon in the same state but it could also be a blessing in disguise. There is definite room for improvement to make the Beavers' account a bit more fun and engaging.

2. Kansas 


We have high hopes for Kansas next season. With new head coach Les Miles, the sky's the limit for the content this social team could create.

3. Duke


Duke doesn't completely suck in the social department but when you look at the rest of the social media accounts from the school's teams, we know there is something better that could come from the football team's timeline.

4. UConn


To keep it simple, there's not a lot of fun happening on the Huskies' account. Obviously, it could be due to a 1-11 record but there are still things to do to lighten the mood a little. 

5. Notre Dame


The Fighting Irish have been a great football team but there's so much more their Twitter feed could become. In their defense, Notre Dame has always been pretty traditional so this shouldn't be too much of a shock.