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Ranking College Football's Best Twitter Accounts

Ranking College Football's Best Twitter Accounts

Ranking College Football's Best Twitter Accounts

Sometimes it's not all about what happens on the field. Part of the appeal of a team is in the social media account. It gives fans an up close and personal look at the individuals on the team. Some teams have what it takes to connect with fans and convert those who aren't.

Personality of an account, graphics, voice, fun, and other elements make an account a must-follow. In an age where everything is changing rapidly, you only have a short amount of time (and characters) to impress and get a follow.

10 Best College Football Twitter Accounts




1. Ohio State


Ohio State came up big on and off the field this season. The Buckeyes got their own distinguished Twitter account and hit the ground running. It's fun, has great content, and all the winning doesn't hurt either.

2. Oregon


Oregon's Twitter account is probably the funniest of them all. Although that's not hard with The Duck on your side. Between that, the jokes, and the jersey combos being revealed, Oregon is a must-follow for even the casual football fan.

3. Virginia Tech


Virginia Tech is cool, engaging, and always up for promoting anything Hokies-related. Don't sleep on VA Tech's social media presence. Pretty soon it will be all anyone is talking about.

4. Nebraska


Nebraska had a extremely tough year with the death of punter Sam Foltz, and through the football team's Twitter account, we were able to get to know the team on a personal level. From videos, to tributes, to the touching photo after the team took a delay of game penalty in the season opener, Nebraska made everyone a part of #HuskerNation this year and it worked.

5. Utah


Utah the state gets a "boring" reputation, but the Utes' Twitter account is anything but that. Their squad makes good use of emojis, isn't afraid to retweet anything about the team, and makes sure everyone knows what's going on with the Utes.

6. Clemson


Clemson will always be in the top 10 when it comes to the best Twitter accounts. The Tigers have good graphics, great players to spotlight, and with a coach like Dabo Swinney, the content sometimes writes itself.

7. Northwestern


There's a chance Northwestern gets lost in the shuffle of other Big Ten teams, but their twitter account definitely stands out. Changes to the avi, the team dances, and more... you feel like family when you follow @NUFBFamily.

8. Houston


Houston is always going to be one of the best when it comes to Twitter. Although Tom Herman is no longer there, we'll get to see what kind of excitement Major Applewhite will bring to the #HTownTakeover.

9. LSU


LSU is the best in the SEC when it comes to Twitter. In a conference that's mainly traditional, the Tigers find a way to have a little fun. 

10. Oklahoma


Oklahoma fans are some of the best in college football, so it's only right the team's account gives them up close and personal access to their favorite Sooners. Oklahoma's account gave fans an all-access look at their Heisman hopefuls' journey. With this account, you'll feel like you're part of the team.