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Ranking College Football's Best and Worst Twitter Accounts for 2017-18


Twitter is an important part of a college football team.

Recently rising basketball talent Bol Bol, former NBA star Manute's son, wrote in The Players' Tribune about how Oregon's social media presence played a part in his decision to become a Duck.

"The last thing I loved about Oregon was that the university has one of the biggest social media brands in college sports," Bol wrote. "I loved that Oregon and the athletics program want to have their own style and their own identity. I feel the same way."

The mark of a good team Twitter account is one that makes people want to follow who aren't even fans of that particular team. Video, graphics, fan engagement, voice, personality and others played a part in the rankings but obviously there's nothing wrong with your team if they aren't on the list (so lighten up).

10 Best College Football Twitter Accounts




1. South Carolina


South Carolina has really stepped up in the social department this season. From a play on "Last Chance U" to other amazing videos, putting the Gamecocks' social squad at the top was a no-brainer. They've got animation, personality and a new voice that will only continue to be one of the leading forces for years to come.

2. Clemson


Clemson is always going to have an awesome Twitter account based on the personality of head coach Dabo Swinney and a fun-loving staff. Work hard, play hard is the mantra of this Tigers team and their Twitter account definitely reflects that.

3. Miami


Thanks to on-field performance, appearances by the turnover chain, and the fun way they call out the haters on Twitter, Miami definitely had to make an appearance on this year's list. The Hurricanes' swagger is back and their timeline shows they don't care what you think about them because it's all about the U.

4. Oregon


Oregon is always going to be a top program when it comes to Twitter. Even if they're in the middle of a rebuilding season, the Ducks still have everyone's attention when they unveil uniforms week after week. Oregon definitely has the top team social team in the Pac-12. 

5. Georgia


Rarely do you think of the SEC when it comes to having fun on social media. It's a conference where tradition reigns supreme and programs don't deviate too much from the norm. Georgia is in a unique spot with a rich tradition, but also have the ability to reach a young and fun demographic.

6. Oklahoma


One of the best things about the Sooners' Twitter account is that they're not afraid to take a trip down memory lane, and for nostalgic college football fans it's a welcomed sight. Oklahoma has great video and photography, witty captions on occasion, and a dynamic and lively quarterback in Baker Mayfield. It would be pretty difficult for them to go wrong when it comes to social media this season.

7. Ohio State


Ohio State, with a little help from LeBron James, uniform combinations, and super fan John Legend (& social media maven Chrissy Teigen) is one of the top programs to watch on Twitter. The Buckeyes' social team is also one of the few that make in-game updates fun with awesome graphics.  

8. Auburn


Auburn's social team is definitely on the rise. Great, well-thought-out graphics are the key to its success. It also doesn't hurt to have a pretty lively roster. The Tigers can always be seen dancing and having fun on the sideline during a game which makes for excellent social content. 

9. Virginia Tech

@HokiesFB / @VT_Football

The Hokies aren't afraid to try new things from time to time and once they find their niche, their timeline could be a must-follow. They're always shouting out the prominent former Hokies, although once a member of the Hokie family, it's clear you're always a member.

10. Utah


Utah's social brings some excitement to a state that many usually deem as boring. The Utes have spruced up their uniforms and have added a lighter tone to their Twitter account this season, allowing players' personalities to shine through.       

What goes into the worst accounts? That's a little more difficult because they actually do a good job to serve their fan base but the more traditional and old school a program is, the more likely its timeline is going to reflect that. These are the accounts that would probably have a hard time gaining the casual fan's follow.

5 Worst College Football Twitter Accounts




1. Michigan


Michigan's Twitter account serves its purpose, but it does nothing for the casual fan (which is probably what they want). The Wolverines aren't very engaging but they serve their purpose to the Michigan faithful.

2. Oregon State


The graphics are decent but there's nothing outside of those that really stand out for the Beavers. The Oregon State timeline is pretty bland compared to the rest in college football and even the Pac-12. 

3. Notre Dame


The Fighting Irish are the epitome of basking in tradition. That is why when you follow them on Twitter you already know what to expect. Nothing really fun or especially sharable, but you'll get the stats and information, and that's good enough for hardcore followers.  

4. Alabama


Alabama has a great Twitter account for its fan base. Same old, stat-heavy, and straight to business just as Tide fans probably prefer to have it. It's not a bad Twitter account but you won't get the same kind of light-hearted content a few other teams will give, and that in itself is reflective of the program. #BuiltByBama and straight to the point.

5. Penn State


I struggled putting Penn State on here at all because there are times when the program really shines on social but it's only at the aid of James Franklin. For the most part it's the regular, traditional voice you'd expect from the Nittany Lions.