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Ranking the SEC's Best and Worst College Football Logos in 2015


Just about every sports fan is tied to their team’s logo, which makes ranking logos complicated. To get an educated opinion on what is a good logo and what isn't, Athlon Sports turned to one of the people most responsible for helping produce some of the best-looking magazines on the newsstands, graphic designer Daly Cantrell.

Here is what she had to say about the SEC's football logos:







The Volunteers’ power T is probably the best logo in the SEC for one reason: it’s so recognizable. The unique style of the T is unlike any other and who can forget that bright orange?



I love that LSU finally realized its initials alone are very recognizable. This newer look is sleeker and not so busy. Though the LSU tiger is also very well known and loved, the Tiger is much better as a secondary logo in this case.



My roommate is an Auburn grad and I can hardly stand the site of the mass amount of Auburn things in our apartment, but if you actually look at the logo, for what it is, then you’ll notice how well done it is. The pairing of AU is perfectly placed where both letters stick out, but also evolve into its own logotype. It has a great look and they do a good job not overdoing it.



The Commodores’ logo is flashy and fun. The gold and black keep sleekness to the logo and the white V really pops next to the black.



I actually really love the Georgia logo, but I also love the Green Bay Packers’ logo and they look identical. Georgia’s logo is perfectly clean, both in color combination and in the marriage of the G and the thin red oval.


Texas A&M

Thank you Aggies for beveling your T correctly. I can only hope some schools take notice of how well done this look is (cue Texas Tech).


Ole Miss

This logo is near and dear to me, being an Ole Miss grad. I personally think it looks good on everything, but that’s just me finding sentiment in the logo (which I told myself I wasn’t going to do). If you really take a look at the logo for what it is, it could definitely be updated. The brush script font went out of style ten years ago, but I guess it just works for Ole Miss… or so I think.



The Crimson Tide’s logo is hard for me to take seriously because I think the Alabama A and the Atlanta Braves A are identical. One of the teams needs to claim it.


Mississippi State

I like the look of the Bulldogs’ power M. It has a great shape to it and the slabs of the typeface are not overdone. The ribbon adds a nice touch, but I do not think it is necessary to outline the entire thing in gray unless it is behind a dark color.



The colors in this logo blend too much. The gator logo is very well designed, but I wish the gator popped a little more.



The Wildcats’ logo has improved a lot since their old one, but I wish the typeface did not look so stretched out. I liked the condensed look of the old one.



This logo has improved a lot throughout the years, but it could still take a more modern route. Animal logos do much better when they are more stylized.



Missouri has an aggressive logo. Toning it down a bit by taking off some of the detail would take this logo to another level.


South Carolina

Gamecocks, you’ve got too much going on in your logo. It all starts to blur together and then it’s hard to see what it really is.