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Report: Big Obstacle Emerges For Deion Sanders Coaching At FBS Level

Deion Sanders

Deion Sanders

Social media has been abuzz in recent weeks about the possibility of Deion Sanders coaching a major college program. We've covered developments such as Sanders reportedly chatting with Colorado and South Florida about coaching possibilities. 

Sanders then cast doubt on the validity of these reports, dismissing the claims as "lies."

Now, football fans are learning there's apparently a valid reason Sanders can't proceed with these negotiations. As Brett McMurphy of The Action Network pointed out, Sanders is dealing with fallout from his shuttered project "Prime Prep Academy."

For those who didn't follow the events surrounding Prime Prep Academy as they unfolded, here's an abridged overview. In 2012, Sanders cofounded the academy- which served as an umbrella for several charter schools- with the intent of it existing as an alternative to traditional public schooling. 

In the proceeding few years, Prime Prep Academy was rife with severe financial issues and myriad violations of Texas' educational laws. After less than three years, Prime Prep Academy was no more, leaving behind a number of graduates who were subsequently ruled academically ineligible by the NCAA. 

So, while unfortunate, it's not wholly unpredictable that the stink of this failed endeavor would follow Prime Time. Sanders' storied career as an NFL player, flashy media personality, and MLB player have left fans with fond memories. But a powerhouse college football program may not want to be associated with the co-founder of what was thought to be a shambolic education system.