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Scott Frost: 5 Fast Facts You Need to Know

Scott Frost

Scott Frost

The life of Nebraska football head coach Scott Frost is intriguing as he's been both a premier athlete in the Cornhusker State and is now a blossoming head football coach. At 44, there's plenty that's common knowledge about him, especially to those within the Husker community. If you dig even closer to bedrock, you'll discover that there are five fascinating facts about Frost that you still need to jam into your memory banks.

1. Frost's coaching background isn't just offense

It's no secret that Frost knows how to command an offense that not only creates mismatches but punishes any mistakes it causes, sometimes severely. Did you know that while he may not call defense for the Huskers, he still knows a thing or two about how to stop opponents from moving the football?

While at Northern Iowa as co-defensive coordinator in 2008, the 12-3 Panthers were ranked ninth in FCS in scoring defense (17.7 ppg) and tied for third place with 40 takeaways. They also led the Missouri Valley Football Conference in rushing defense (107.1 ypg). UNI would finish the season ranked No. 4 in the final polls.

This speaks to his faith in Nebraska defensive coordinator Erik Chinander (another member of the Panthers' staff at the time), Tony Tuiota, Barrett Ruud (now in the second year of his first full-time coaching gig), and Travis Fisher.

2. He's among the top earners in cold, hard cash

For the finance-minded among you, the knowledge of Frost's current seven-year, $5 million contract isn't anything new. Breaking that down shows just how valuable he is from a monetary perspective.

As of this writing, Frost's base pay breaks down to $13,698.63 per day, $570.78 per hour, and $9.51 per minute. That's $0.95 more per minute than all of his assistants' salaries combined. The only other coach in the Big Ten West division that makes as much every 60 seconds is Illinois' Lovie Smith. Michigan's Jim Harbaugh is the lone conference coach who makes more overall at $14.27 with every rotation of a clock's big hand. Before taxes, that is.

3. He's not Frost-y with the media

He gives fairly in-depth postgame interviews having addressed the media for a total of 1 hour, 54 minutes and 12 seconds of his time after 2018 contests. His longest was an 11:46 d