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Six Lehigh Football Players Break into House, Urinate in Fridge, Assault Residents


Six Lehigh University players were brought in on charges stemming from an off-campus revenge plot.

Jacob Scott, Maxwell Frankel, Dylan, J. Parsons, Noah Scott Robb, Michael D. Gies, and Mark D. Walker were identified on the team's roster and each were charged with a felony count of criminal trespass. All either posted bail or were released on unsecured bailed. 

Brian Githens, another Lehigh football player, was initially charged in the case. He allegedly attacked one of the students in the home while he was sleeping. Githens hit the student repeatedly and punched holes in the wall of the home. The student ended up with a concussion. Parsons urinated in the refrigerator of the home, but was only charged with trespassing.

Githens said he and others were seeking revenge for the assault of a fraternity president. The problem was that he targeted the wrong house. The victim was not involved in an incident with the fraternity president. 

Per Lehigh Valley Live:

"Authorities have not identified the fraternity involved, but Lehigh's student newspaper, The Brown & White, has reported that Githens was a member of Chi Psi.

That fraternity was suspended from all activities for about a week last month as the university investigated multiple incidents. One of the incidents, according to the Lehigh Greeks community blog, involved "trespassing and assault motivated by retribution," but the blog did not specifically mention the invasion of the Pierce Street home."

The investigation is ongoing.