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10 Greatest Clemson Football Teams of All Time

10 Greatest Clemson Football Teams of All Time

10 Greatest Clemson Football Teams of All Time

Clemson made its sixth straight College Football Playoff this season and the program is enjoying its greatest period. The Tigers are fielding some of their best teams these days and the 2020 edition is one of them. Here's where that team ranks among the 10 best in program history.

College Football Top 25 Rankings: Clemson

10. 1900

Record: 6-0

Finished: Beat Alabama 35-0 to finish regular season

Final Ranking: N/A

Clemson secured the necessary funds ($415.11) to lure head coach John Heisman from Auburn and the investment immediately paid off. The Tigers went undefeated and outscored their opponents 220-10. Heisman only lost three times in four seasons at Clemson, but his first season was his best.

9. 2017

Record: 12-2

Finished: Lost to Alabama 24-6 in the Sugar Bowl/College Football Playoff Semifinal

Final Ranking: No. 4

The Tigers overcame a misstep against Syracuse in the Carrier Dome to win the ACC title and earn a spot in the College Football Playoff. However, their rubber match with Alabama proved to be the least dramatic of their three showdowns.

8. 1978

Record: 11-1

Finished: Beat Ohio State 17-15 in the Gator Bowl

Final Ranking: No. 6

Clemson suffered a 12-0 loss to Georgia early in the season, but did not lose again. The Tigers beat all of their ACC foes, including No. 11 Maryland in College Park, to finish the regular season 10-1 (the best season in school history at the time). Sadly, the college football world best remembers Clemson’s 1978 season because it ended with Ohio State head coach Woody Hayes punching Charlie Bauman.

7. 2020

Record: 10-2

Finished: Lost to No. 3 Ohio State 49-28 in the Sugar Bowl

The Tigers beat 10 of their opponents by an average of more than 30 points. Their only losses were a double-overtime defeat by No. 4 Notre Dame in South Bend and the Sugar Bowl/College Football Playoff Semifinal loss to the Buckeyes.

6. 1948

Record: 11-0

Finished: Beat Missouri 24-23 in the Gator Bowl

Final Ranking: No. 11

The fact that Clemson and Michigan were the only two schools with perfect records and the Wolverines won the national title and the Tigers finished 11th gives you a sense of how far Clemson has come as a program in terms of respect. That being said, it was a glorious season, in which the Tigers won their second and last Southern Conference title.

5. 2015

Record: 14-1

Finished: Lost to Alabama 45-40 in College Football Playoff National Championship Game

Final Ranking: No. 2

Clemson recorded its first perfect regular season since 1981 and won the ACC title. In the College Football Playoff, the Tigers ran away from Oklahoma in the semifinal to win 37-17. In the title game, Clemson came up five points short against Alabama, but it was clear the Crimson Tide were relieved that the game – a full-blown shootout – ended when it did.

4. 2019

Record: 14-1

Finished: Lost to LSU 42-25 in College Football Playoff National Championship

Final Ranking: No. 2

The 2019 team picked up right where the '18 national champion squad left off and carried a 29-game win streak into the national title game. Although they came up short against LSU, this Tigers squad was certainly one of the best in program history.

3. 1981

Record: 12-0

Finished: Beat Nebraska 22-15 in the Orange Bowl

Final Ranking: No. 1

The Tigers entered 1981 unranked. Then in the third game of the season, they recorded nine turnovers in a 13-3 upset of defending national champion Georgia and were vaulted into the national title picture. Clemson proceeded to dominate the rest of the season, allowing an NCAA-best 8.8 points per game and only giving up more than 15 points only once. The Tigers went undefeated along the way and won the school’s first national title.

2. 2016

Record: 14-1

Finished: Beat Alabama 35-31 in the College Football Playoff National Championship Game

Final Ranking: No. 1

This may be sacrilege, but I am going to put the 2016 team ahead of the 1981 squad. Yes, they did have one blemish, a 43-42 loss to an 8-5 Pitt team, but their path to greatness was tougher. The Tigers played 15 teams, 13 of which went to bowl games. Clemson capped off this amazing season by beating undefeated Alabama and its top-ranked defense in dramatic fashion. No other team on this list had to run such a gauntlet.

1. 2018

Record: 15-0

Finished: Beat No. 1 Alabama 44-16 in the College Football Playoff National Championship

Final Ranking: No. 1

The Tigers became the first major college football program to go 15-0 since Penn in 1897, and 12 of those wins came against teams that went to bowls. Clemson's run in the postseason also was the most dominant in the history of the young College Football Playoff. Not only are the 2018 Tigers the best team in Clemson's history, they are also one of the greatest of all time.

— Written by Aaron Tallent, who is part of the Athlon Contributor Network. Tallent is a writer whose articles have appeared in The Sweet Science, FOX Sports’ Outkick the Coverage, Liberty Island and The Washington Post. Follow him on Twitter at @AaronTallent.