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Tennessee Player Reportedly Assaulted By Teammates For Helping Rape Victim


It's rare you hear about players on the same team going against each other. 

According to The Tennessean, football players from the University of Tennessee assaulted wide receiver Drae Bowles for helping a woman who claimed she was raped by other members of the team. 

Bowles took the woman to the hospital on the night of the alleged rape November of 2014 and was behind her decision to report the problem to the police. That didn't sit well with some of his fellow Vols. Interestingly enough, the players involved in the incident with Bowles are not named as defendants in the lawsuit that accuses five Tennessee athletes of sexual assault.

The lawsuit goes on to say that head coach Butch Jones as well as athletic director Dave Hart were aware of the sexual assaults by the football players but "acted with deliberate indifference" and "failed to take corrective action."

No word yet on if they will be reprimanded in some way for their inability to take action.