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Tennessee Volunteers' Hype Video Joins Forces With "Breaking Bad"

Vols hype Video

Vols hype Video

Tennessee's football team probably doesn't require any more assistance in the hype department heading into the 2015 season, but can you ever really have enough preseason hoopla? Which lends itself to just one more question. What do you get when you take a Tennessee Volunteers hype video and sprinkle in voice overs from legendary Vol announcer John Ward and Breaking Bad's Heisenberg? If you are thinking that the answer is pure awesomeness, you would be correct. Check it out!

— Written by Rob McVey, who is part of the Athlon Contributor Network. McVey is a diehard Tennessee Volunteers' fan who loves singing "Rocky Top" every opportunity he gets. Follow him on Twitter @Rob_UTVOLS.

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