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The Texas Longhorns Are Coming Apart on Twitter


Everything is bigger in Texas, even the controversy.

As a result of the blowout delivered at the hands of TCU, 50-7, things aren't going so well for the Longhorns. Freshman corner Kris Boyd was discovered to have retweeted a tweet about transferring to Texas A&M. He would later apologize but like everything on the internet, it was here to stay. 

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People on the social media network then began calling for Charlie Strong's job. To make matters worse, the Texas Rangers even got in on the act. The tweeting didn't stop there as the team is 1-4 with a matchup with Oklahoma on the horizon. It's safe to say the Longhorns may be a little on edge.

They reached out to Lil' B The Based God to lift a curse if he has one on the team. He's been known to curse Kevin Durant and James Harden, and it's important to note that neither have won a championship.

DeAndre McNeal, a freshman Longhorn, took to Twitter about the team bashing each other. 

Even the upperclassmen seemed fed up with some of the situations surrounding the team.

With all that's going on in Texas, are Strong's days numbered? However many days he has left, he should spend them talking to players about their on and off the field game plan.