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Top College Football Coaches to Follow on Twitter


College football coaches are gifts the world didn't know it needed. 

These guys are all business on Saturdays, but there are times you can see the human element of them start to creep in. Mastering social media is a different beast, but there are some coaches who just have what it takes to reach those darn millennials. Although the list was originally going to be just head coaches, sometimes you have an assistant coach that you just can't overlook.

Here are the top 10 college football coaches who have the ability to liven up any timeline. 

10. Mike Gundy (Oklahoma State) - The Cowboys coach is obviously all about his team but he feels like one of the boys. He's not only a big Oklahoma State fan, he also can't get enough of the Thunder. Keeping Oklahoma strong is important to Gundy.

9. Mark Dantonio (Michigan State) - Dantonio is a pretty regular guy. He's a player's coach, which is probably why many adore him. Check out the head Spartan's timeline and you'll see it full of tweets about his players. He's hard not to like, in real life and on Twitter. Every once in a while you can catch him with a slick subtweet, but that's true for many of us on social media.

8. Urban Meyer (Ohio State) - This goes without saying but Meyer is Ohio to the bone. Aside from family, there isn't anything he loves more than the precious Buckeye State. Meyer is living the good life, and he's not afraid to show it off (and who could blame him). Aside from LeBron James, it's safe to say Meyer is arguably the most important guy in Ohio. 

7. Lane Kiffin (Alabama) - Kiffin's social game is too strong to ignore. He even put his birthday on his Twitter profile as five years younger than he actually is. That's what we call stealth. We call it other things too but that's for a different time. Between that, the Tennessee trolling, and the bitmojis, there's no doubting the social influence of Kiffin. Plus he has to make up for the lack of social presence of head coach Nick Saban. 

6. Hugh Freeze (Ole Miss) - The Rebels' coach may not be the funniest coach on Twitter but he's good for a uplifting quote or two. You can always count on Freeze if you're in need of a pick-me-up.

5. James Franklin (Penn State) - During football season, Franklin is all business but the Nittany Lions coach knows how to have fun as well. From an elaborate set-up with comedian Keegan-Michael Key, to showing off his daughter's football skills, this is one fun coach to follow. Even with his busy schedule, he'll still make sure you get to class on time.

4. Keith Williams (Nebraska) - The Cornhuskers' wide receivers coach is one of the best follows in all of college football. Obviously the majority of his tweets are football-related, but there are some definite gems in there. He has to be one of the most-followed assistant coaches out there.

3. Bret Bielema (Arkansas) - Bielema's reality show gives him a boost in this department. Who else in the college football realm is even interesting enough to make people want to watch them any other time but Saturday? Don't hurt yourself, the answer is no one. Plus, no other coach is going to give you tweets featuring them throwing down in the kitchen. That's all Bielema.

2. Tom Herman (Houston) - Once your coach gets a grill, he's probably 99 times cooler than the average coach out there. His style and swag is unmatched because it's coming from a genuine place. He's easy to relate to and seems pretty fun to be around. The best part about Herman is that he doesn't even try to be cool.

1. Jim Harbaugh (Michigan) - The Wolverines coach is probably the epitome of a social coach. Taking shots, throwing shade, and just tweeting to tweet is what Jim is all about. Harbaugh has a knack for tapping into his younger side and making players (and recruits) feel like they're hanging out with one of the guys. He's got cool friends, has sleepovers, and even dances on stage at concerts. That's pretty much all you need in the age of social media.