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Twitter Comes After ESPN For Airing Sexist 'College GameDay' Sign


When it comes to "College GameDay" signs, all's fair on Saturday morning.

Unfortunately there are exceptions to every rule. During a broadcast of the popular ESPN show, they aired a sign that some saw as sexist. 

Although the worldwide leader made no apologies for airing and tweeting the sign, the analysts did voice their disdain for it.

"I can't condone that type of behavior," Rece Davis said. 

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"That is unacceptable," Kirk Herbstreit added. 

ESPN spokesperson, Keri Potts, told CNN they wouldn't promote the sign anymore but they would not be getting rid of the tweet either.

"Our Twitter handle looks to bring the sights and sounds of the College GameDay experience to the view at home and reflect how the fans on site express themselves."

It's a decent explanation but on the other hand, ESPN does have control over what it shows and what it doesn't. The network's attempt to straddle the fence doesn't quite work here. They had no part in the sign, but they did have a hand in promoting it on Twitter and the show.

ESPN's "College GameDay" twitter account tweeted out a response to all of the backlash it received for the sign.