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Two New Voices in Former Nebraska Football Coach Rick Kaczenski Allegations

Maliek Collins

Maliek Collins

First there were rumors about Rick Kaczenski (a Nebraska football defensive line coach under Bo Pelini) potentially leaking unflattering messages about the current staff to their players. Then former defensive lineman Jason Peter outed him on the radio.

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At that point, it seemed like the issue was put to rest, but more prominent voices have spoken out regarding the scandal.

Another former Nebraska defensive lineman had words about Kaczenski. Adam Carriker (a Cornhusker from 2003-06) writes a weekly Facebook series called the Carriker Chronicles and did not hold back in the Oct. 11 edition.

“We have a former ‪‎Nebraska coach (Rick Kaczenski) texting current players, trying to undermine the new coaching staff & messing with the psyche of young college kids. I’m not even going to say how glad I am that he doesn’t work here anymore.

I’m not going to express how unfortunate it is that a person who conducts himself like that, was ever involved with the football program to begin with. I won’t even touch on how I consider what he’s done to just be pathetic. No, I won’t say any of those things. Instead I’ll just simply say, get a life, and what in the blue hell is wrong with you?!”

Strong words from the former St. Louis Ram and Washington Redskin.

Interestingly enough, following Nebraska’s practice on Monday, local media took to asking questions of their own about the alleged communications.

Defensive tackle Maliek Collins was more than happy to share his feelings.

From the Omaha World-Herald:

"Just for the record, he wouldn't say anything like that," Collins said. "I'm a captain, if he were saying those types of things, he'd be saying them to me and that ain't what I represent. Just for the record: He hasn't said anything like that. I respect the hell out of the man," Collins said."

According to the World-Herald, he declined comment when asked for his opinion of former players’ critiques.

When Collins was told that a few ex-players — including Peter and Carriker — insinuated Kaczenski was trying to negatively influence the players, he dismissed the idea. “it’s just something else to distract us, man."

It’s completely understandable for him to back the guy that brought him into the world of college football and most importantly in this case, Nebraska football. He’s currently adjusting to a new position coach in Hank Hughes and regime under head coach Mike Riley. That in itself can be a load on a player’s mind.

However, Peter had words for reporters who suggested he simply alluded to any contact. Rather, there was no question about it:

This situation appears to have plenty of layers. Will someone else from the past or the present speak up or is this the last we hear of any Kaczenski contact?

Stay tuned.

— Written by Brandon Cavanaugh, who is part of the Athlon Contributor Network. Be sure to follow Brandon on Twitter @eightlaces and Periscope (eightlaces), and like his Facebook page.