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Alleged Football Recruit Deletes Social Media Accounts After Outed as Hoax


Well this is a weird one. 

Unique Brissett II is a name you might have seen on Twitter if you're into college football recruiting, but it turns out no one knows who he truly is. He bragged about having offers from multiple schools and even tweeted out a picture from a "visit" to Michigan State. The only problem? Those were someone else's pictures from their visit to the school. 

Land Of 10's Luke Srodulski pointed out what everyone else seemed to miss. 

After being outed, the "recruit" deleted all of his social media profiles.

Although many of the sites that have written about Brissett have locked or deleted their stories, there a few cached versions like this one from the Palm Beach Post, which states he was choosing between offers from Miami, Kentucky, Michigan and Michigan State. 

As of now, no one has even seen a picture of Brissett and the videos of his "highlights" are actually videos of another recruit.