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Urban Meyer Uses 1 Word To Describe Nebraska Football Fans

Urban Meyer, Ohio State Buckeyes Football

Urban Meyer

Nebraska has officially moved on from head football coach Scott Frost. Now, the Huskers can begin searching for their next program leader. Believe it or not, Urban Meyer is a name being discussed as a viable option. 

What Nebraska needs is a major turnaround. Well, Meyer has a knack for helping programs get back on track within a year or two. He's also a big fan of their fans. 

Meyer describes Nebraska football fans as "unique" thanks to their dedication to the team despite lackluster results as of late. 

"Nebraska is one the most unique fan bases I’ve ever experienced," said Meyer, via 247Sports. "One year when I was a coach at Ohio State, I asked one of my guys that worked with me, I said take me around a little bit. Let’s go incognito a little bit. I just wanted to walk around and I kind of did you know? I put a hat on and just kind of was in disguise and I just wanted to watch this because I grew up watching Tom Osborne and watching Nebraska win national championships. I was a big fan and so the fan support is as good as there is in America. They’re great fans too.

"And then the game starts and they’re still there. They’re there all the way to the end. They’re as courteous fans as you can imagine. So I would imagine that this is just one of things, it’s a speed bump. They got to get going, but you just wonder to at what point will it ever start to dissipate a little bit? I can’t see it because the ones who grew up watching Nebraska and I’ve witnessed it first hand several times on that field, those are as good fans as there are in America."

Urban Meyer clearly has appreciation for Nebraska football fans. But will it be enough to persuade Meyer to take the job if the Huskers want him?

It's going to be fascinating to see how Nebraska conducts this coaching search. It will be a big surprise if Meyer doesn't at least get an interview. 

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