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The Michigan football program is currently under investigation by the NCAA.

The program allegedly committed recruiting practice violations, including one Level I violation against head coach Jim Harbaugh and multiple Level II violations. The alleged Level I violation — which is the most serious — is that Harbaugh misled the NCAA when it approached him with the allegations.

The Level II violations include accusations that the program held practices with too many coaches on the field and contacted two high school recruits during the COVID-19 dead period.

Joel Klatt's heard the allegations and rejects them.

"So No. 1, let me get this straight, the NCAA still exists?" Klatt said. "Alright, well, news to a lot of us based on what's going on in the world of intercollegiate athletics that the NCAA is going to step up and protect those kids from getting what, a text message, a Five Guys burger, during a COVID dead period because, man, I just don't know if I could live if I knew players were being contacted during the COVID dead period."

A Level I violation could result in suspension. In this case, the school could move to terminate Harbaugh's contract, according to Yahoo Sports.

And that, for Klatt, is the problem

"It all sounds so serious..." Klatt said. "COVID dead period? What are we talking about?... I'm sorry. What are we doing?"