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Watch: Ohio State Releases Intense Trailer For 'The Game' On Saturday

Ohio State vs. Michigan

Ohio State flag flies during Michigan game

College football's rivalry week is here. 

In the first of several heated matchups on Saturday, No. 2 Ohio State will host No. 3 Michigan in this year's edition of "The Game." 

Leading up to this weekend's clash, the Buckeyes dropped a fiery and intense game trailer on Friday. The video, which features Ohio State legends Jim Tressel, Braxton Miller and JT Barrett, can be seen here.

Like many of the other trailers the Buckeyes have posted this season, the short hype video includes highlights, motivational quotes, and an overarching theme magnifying the importance of this game. 

Several former Buckeyes were featured in the trailer and gave their thoughts on what the Michigan game meant to them. 

"This is more than just a game, this is everything to Buckeye nation," one former Ohio State player said. 

"It's us versus them, we don't like them, they don't like us," another Buckeye stated. 

"This is the reason you commit to Ohio State, to be a part of the tradition of the Buckeyes versus that team up north," a third former Ohio State player added. 

Saturday's matchup between the storied rivals marks the first time in more than a decade that each team is undefeated coming into "The Game." The last time it happened, 2006, "The Game of the Century" was born. 

You can find this year's epic battle between the Buckeyes and Wolverines on Saturday at Noon EST on Fox.