What if College Football Had a March Madness 68-Team Tournament?

Here's how it might look.

College football’s four-team playoff and bowl system is the perfect blend of adding importance to the regular season and allowing teams to sort it out on the field in the postseason. While we wouldn’t advocate for college football to change from this current format anytime soon, there’s no harm in having some fun with a hypothetical 68-team playoff field. March Madness and college basketball’s postseason tournament is one of the most exciting moments of the year for any sports fan, as upsets knock out top seeds and the action is spread out over the course of three weekends.


What if college football decided to emulate college basketball and implement a 68-team tournament with four play-in games? To help answer that question, we used the College Football Playoff Committee’s for the top 25. For 26-68, we averaged the rankings from six sources: ESPN’s Football Power Index, Jeff Sagarin’s ratings, Bill Connelly of Football Outsiders and SB Nation’s S&P and F+ rankings, Ed Feng’s The Power Rank and Brian Fremeau’s FEI ratings.


After establishing the rankings, we seeded the teams by region and made a few tweaks to each bracket to eliminate having too many teams from the same conference in that region.


The hypothetical and potentially entertaining postseason tournament looks like this:  


College Football's 68-Team Playoff Bracket for 2015


East Region




South Region



Midwest Region



West Region


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