Trivia Time

1. Two franchises in the National League — Atlanta and Arizona have collected the Cy Young award four consecutive seasons. But only one franchise in the AL has won as many as three consecutive awards. What American League team had three consecutive Cy Young winners?

2. Who is the only active major leaguer to have won a batting title in the 1990s?

3. From 1970-2000, only two Hall of Famers won National League batting titles. Can you name them? Hint: One player won eight titles, the other won just one. OR Hint: Between them, they won nine titles.

4. In the 1970s, Hall of Famers won or shared home run crowns nine times. In the 1980s it was 10 times. But in the 1990s only once did a Hall of Famer win a home run title. Can you name him?

5. Scoring 150 runs in a season has been accomplished 14 times, but just once since Ted Williams did it in 1949. Who is the most recent player to eclipse 150 runs in a single season?

6. Who is the only player active in 2010 to have won a home run crown in the 1990s?

7. Who are the only teammates to ever tie for the league lead in home runs?

8. Can you name the only two battery mates to win Gold Gloves in the same season twice? Hint: They did it for different teams.

9. Who was the last player to lead the majors in home runs with a total of less than 40?

10. Hall of Famer Frank Robinson is the only player to win the MVP award in both leagues. How many pitchers can you name that have won the Cy Young award in both the American and National League. There are four.


Answers below

1. Toronto Blue Jays, 1996-98 with Pat Hentgen and Roger Clemens twice

2. Alex Rodriguez, .358 with Seattle in 1996

3. Tony Gwynn is the easy answer, winning eight titles. Billy Williams of the Cubs won the NL Batting title hitting .333 in 1972.

4. Ryne Sandberg of the Chicago Cubs hit 40 home runs to lead the National League.

5. Jeff Bagwell crossed the plate 152 times for the Houston Astros in 2000.

6. Ken Griffey won four with the Seattle Mariners in 1994, 97-99. Griffey retired during the 2010 season.

7. Babe Ruth and Lou Gehrig each swatted 46 in 1931 for the Yankees.

8. Kenny Rogers and Ivan Rodriguez, Texas 2000, Detroit 2006

9. Stormin’ Gorman Thomas swatted 39 homers in 1982 to lead the majors.

10. Roger Clemens (1986-87, 91, Tor. 1997-98, N.Y. Yankees 2001, Houston 2004) Randy Johnson (Seattle 1995, Arizona 1999-2002), Pedro Martinez (Mon. 1994, Boston 1999-2000) and Gaylord Perry (Clev. 1972, S.D. 1978).


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What AL team has had three consecutive Cy Young winners? Who last scored 150 runs? Can you name all four pitchers to win the Cy Young in both leagues?

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