CFB Fantasy: Biggest Draft Regret

Was G.J. Kinne mentioned a post-draft regret?

Was G.J. Kinne mentioned a post-draft regret?

Athlon Sports recently held its first college fantasy football mock draft for 2011. As expected, there were many interesting observations and questions raised during the draft. Over the next couple of days, the drafters will give their thoughts on some of the hot topics.

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Athlon Sports May college fantasy football draft for 2011

Team-by-team look at the May college fantasy mock draft
Strategy talk: What was your plan going into the draft?

Todd DeVries, College Football Geek (@CFFGeek on Twitter)
I was ready to pull the trigger on Lance Lewis (WR, East Carolina) in round three.  But given the timeframe of the draft (early April) and the news of him missing spring practice to focus on academics still fresh on my mind, I decided to pass. 

Joe DiSalvo, The College Fantasy Football Site (@theCFFsite on Twitter)
If I knew ahead of time that Geno Smith would be available in round five, I would have passed on Robert Griffin in round two and taken Marcus Coker.  Already having selected Griffin in the second round, my focus shifted to running back and tight end in rounds four, five, and six.  However, I do not regret taking Griffin because if he builds off of last season’s performance, I am confident he can finish 2011 as a top-3 fantasy quarterback.

Alex Esselink, College Fantasy Football Insider (@CFFInsider on Twitter)
I’m not in love with my quarterbacks. I would probably fill the backup quarterback spots a little sooner in order to get some better insurance for Denard Robinson. He’s a big risk. I wonder if I could of got him in round three? Hmmmmm.

Braden Gall, Athlon Sports (@AthlonBraden on Twitter)
This might actually be my favorite NCAA mock draft in my five years at Athlon (I am begging to play this one out), but there are a couple picks I might have made differently. I love Matt Barkley - and especially Robert Woods - but not taking Mike Ball from Nevada could have been a big mistake. The same could be said for Eric Stephens of Texas Tech when I took BYU's Cody Hoffman. I really like the two guys I got, but those two running backs seem wildly underrated in this draft.

Michael Hurcomb, CBS Sports
 (@CBSHurc on Twitter)
I would probably look at taking a wide receiver instead of a running back with my third pick because as the draft progressed I realized running back was a much deeper position than wide receiver. I ended up with a lot of risky picks at wide receiver, but got some good quality running backs late in the draft that could be in my starting lineup but will likely end up on my bench.

Steven Lassan, Athlon Sports (@AthlonSteven on Twitter)
I didn’t have many regrets exiting the draft, but I wish I would’ve went for a third receiver earlier and still have some doubt about taking Dominique Davis in the first. T.J. Moe should be a solid fantasy play this year, but I’m not sure he repeats his 2010 totals. B.J. Cunningham or Billy Ray Stutzmann may end up being solid options too, but there’s a lot of uncertainty. Going with a fourth receiver earlier would’ve helped to ease my concern about this position. Although Davis isn’t a terrible first rounder, going running back (if there is one you like) in the middle of the first round is probably the best strategy.

Drew Smith, Fantasy College Blitz (@fcbdrew on Twitter)
I selected Latavius Murray too soon as I am now convinced I could have waited a few rounds.  I don't think he was a bad selection but drafting is all about maximizing value and I could have selected a receiver like Darius Johnson or DJ Woods, then came back in the 9th round and selected Murray. Instead I have Murray and Mohamed Sanu.

Patrick Snow, Athlon Sports (@AthlonSnowman on Twitter)
I would think about taking a more prototypical No. 1 receiver earlier in the draft. I like Damaris Johnson's all-purpose game, but the coaching change could hamper the Tulsa offense. Also, DJ Woods will have to be the top target at Cincinnati this season without the presence of Armon Binns.

Corby Yarbrough, Athlon Sports (@AthlonCorby on Twitter)
I might have tried to find a second running back earlier. G.J. Kinne may be a reach, but I doubt it. He is ranked as the No. 11 QB by Athlon and I made him the fifth QB taken. But I love the Tulsa offense, he was good to me last season as the seventh-best overall scorer and now fifth-best returning scorer in this format and his top receiver (Damaris Johnson) is back. Will I regret taking four receivers between rounds 3 and 7? We'll see.

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<p> With the first college fantasy mock draft in the books for 2011, it's time for a review session. The drafters discuss their biggest draft regret and what they would change if they could draft again.</p>

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