CFB Fantasy: Biggest Reach of the Mock Draft

Denard Robinson will be an interesting selection on draft day.

Denard Robinson will be an interesting selection on draft day.

Athlon Sports recently held its first college fantasy football mock draft for 2011. As expected, there were many interesting observations and questions raised during the draft. Over the next couple of days, the drafters will give their thoughts on some of the hot topics.

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Athlon Sports May college fantasy football draft for 2011

Team-by-team look at the May college fantasy mock draft
Strategy talk: What was your plan going into the draft?
How does your strategy change from NFL to NCAA drafts?

Biggest draft regret?

Todd DeVries, College Football Geek (@CFFGeek on Twitter)|
Virginia Tech defense in round 8.  There is simply no need to take a defense this early in a 20 round draft.  Period.  

Joe DiSalvo, The College Fantasy Football Site (@theCFFsite on Twitter)

1.     Denard Robinson, 2nd Round

2.     Virginia Tech D/S, 8th Round

3.     Montel Harris, 3rd Round

Alex Esselink, College Fantasy Football Insider (@CFFInsider on Twitter)
Taking Virginia Tech’s defense – or any other defense for that matter -- in the eighth round may seem like a stretch. However, the Hokies and their soft schedule – except for ECU -- was the defense I wanted and I don’t mind reaching on players that I covet. It wasn’t until the 11th round did the next defense go off the board, so rip away.

Braden Gall, Athlon Sports (@AthlonBraden on Twitter)
I reached a bit on Barkley, Jake Heaps, Theo Riddick and Logan Thomas. However, they are superstar recruits who have proven their skills are for real and should be stepping onto the main stage in 2011. David Wilson as the 8th overall pick and third running back was totally out of left field. I am not sure I have him as a top 10 RB (he is 9th by our rankings) much less top 10 overall. Michael Floyd is an elite talent, but at 20th overall, you better be sure he is playing the whole season. And as much as Cyrus Gray helped me to a BCS Fantasy title last year, the return of Christine Michael concerns me from a numbers standpoint. Gray, and the Aggies, could actually have a better season while seeing his number dip in 2011. 

Michael Hurcomb, CBS Sports
 (@CBSHurc on Twitter)
Desperate to start filling out my receiver depth chart I took Boise State wide receiver Geraldo Hiwat in the ninth round. He is an unproven commodity, but Heisman candidate Kellen Moore is going to need someone to throw to after losing Titus Young and Austin Pettis. All the reports this spring were that Hiwat is going to be a key player in the Broncos' passing game, so knowing how valuable Young and Pettis were in the past, here I reached to get a sleeper that could end up as one of my best players.

Steven Lassan, Athlon Sports (@AthlonSteven on Twitter)
I was surprised to see a defense go off the board so early (Round 8 – Virginia Tech). Although the Hokies have a favorable non-conference schedule and should be among the best in the ACC in defense this year, I thought it was too early for a defense. Considering Ohio State, LSU and Oklahoma defenses went in the 18th round, I’m not sure there’s enough of a gap between the defenses to take one that early.

The other selection that I thought was a reach was Latavius Murray in the fifth round. Brynn Harvey (1,109 yards in 2009) and Ronnie Weaver (890 yards last year) are also back in the mix for carries at UCF, making this one of the most difficult situations to sort out in the preseason. Although Murray looked great at the end of last year, I’d be a little cautious about selecting him in the fifth round with three proven players battling for carries.

Drew Smith, Fantasy College Blitz (@fcbdrew on Twitter)
I am not one to bash others picks because if we all agreed on values then we wouldn't need to play the game and with a group of experts in the mock I don't see any huge questionable picks.  For me, I don't like to take risks early because I believe that a championship is rarely won with your first-round pick. However, championships are lost all the time with your first-round pick.  So with that said, I would say Knile Davis at #11 has too many question marks for me to take in the first round of this draft.

Patrick Snow, Athlon Sports (@AthlonSnowman on Twitter)
I am not a fan of taking true freshman early in the draft. While one true frosh (Marcus Lattimore) blows up every now and then, most of the time they finish under expectation. I would have stayed away from guys like Georgia’s Isaiah Crowell and Texas’ Malcolm Brown until the 13th round or later. The Ohio State guys – Pryor and Herron - were also a tough call, but I think they are just too big of a risk to take in the first ten rounds of the draft.

Corby Yarbrough, Athlon Sports (@AthlonCorby on Twitter)
Kinne could be considered a reach on my end. Malcolm Brown could be considered a reach on my end, especially as my second RB. But I just had this feeling that the top freshman RB recruit, going to a team starving for a RB (Texas), might come off the board sooner. Maybe I tried to be too cute to find the freshman phenom of the draft as evidenced by me trying to save myself with picks of Herron and Di Luigi back-to-back after the Brown pick.

Otherwise, I was a little shocked to see a defense (Virginia Tech) go off the board in the eighth round with two more skill spots needed to be filled on that team. I would wait five or six more rounds before taking a defense because the top defense to the 12th defense was only separated by 49 points in this format last season.

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<p> With the first college fantasy mock draft in the books for 2011, it's time for a review session. The drafters discuss what they thought were the biggest reaches of the mock.</p>

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