A Balanced Way to Lower Scores

Instructor: Mark Wood

A sure-fire way to lower scores is to improve your ball striking. Better yet — how about your efficiency rating with all clubs? Well, your balance is the first area you had better look at.

I like to use the analogy of the lifeguard spinning the whistle on the end of a string around his finger to the golfer spinning that club around his body. Keep that body in place, and your efficiency is going to go up. Greater movement around a fixed axis is the ideal; the more you’re able to stay still, the better. When lifeguards swing that whistle around their finger, there is speed and efficiency, the same components that all players are looking for.

Notice in photo one my setup is between two shafts. While making my backswing, I have a full turn yet have turned inside the shaft, with my right leg still in the same position relative to vertical. On the follow-through I have a full finish while turning inside the shaft once again (photo three).


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