Ice the Slice

Instructor: Dr. Gary Wiren

The slice is almost a universal problem for golfers, but it doesn't have to be.

I’ve spoken at banquets and taught lessons all around the world, and the one common negative theme among amateur players is the slice. The slice is almost universal in golf, and I think when I can help a slicer hit it straight or draw the ball, I have accomplished a lot and made a friend for life.

To ice the slice, we need to overcome the average person’s tendency to try to turn the ball over by hitting with their right hand. Instead, I like to teach my players to rotate their left forearm to get the club to square up at impact.

In the photos, I’m demonstrating the proper clubface position using an item that I’m sure you’re familiar with — a ping pong paddle. In Photo 1, you’ll see the position that a slicer would be in at impact, producing a cut. Not what you want if you’re a slicer. I’ve reproduced that position in Photo 2, holding the paddle. Conversely, by reproducing the clubface position you see in Photo 3, you can put topspin on the ball and cause it to draw or hook — which makes it go a lot farther than a ball that is cut.

Notice that instead of using the right hand to achieve the proper clubface position, I’m using the rotation of the forearm — turning the paddle over to the proper position at impact.


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