Par-3 Tee Shot


Instructor: Rob Akins

Since a tee shot on a par 3 is very similar to an approach shot on a par 4, it’s critical to master it, since it will stand you in good stead on other parts of the course. It’s like a two-for-the-price-of-one kind of skill.

Here, you can see that I’m on an elevated tee looking down at the hole. The first thing I do is engage in my pre-shot routine. I do some reconnaissance; I check the wind and soak in all the details I can — pin position, where the good “misses” are around the green. This is the most critical time in executing a good shot. I pay attention to me and what’s going on internally. If I’m at all uneasy, now’s the time to fix it, before I address the ball.

Mentally, you’re always either positive or negative on the golf course; there’s no neutral frame of mind. You need to get in a positive frame of mind and visualize what you want to happen with the shot. You should be able to close your eyes and visualize yourself executing the perfect shot.

I take a practice swing as I’m still standing behind the ball. Then, I re-focus and see the shot as I approach the ball, and I keep seeing it until the moment of the swing.

Set your club down, build your stance, waggle, see your target and pull the trigger.

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