The Push Drill

Instructor: Craig Shankland

You can strike the ball solidly every time. Solid is the key word.

To accomplish this, you need to keep the shaft leaning toward the target prior to impact, as I’m doing in the first photo. Notice that the handle of the club is actually on the left-hand side of the ball before contact, then the shaft and the head catch up to the handle in front of the ball, so that the divot will be on the target side of the ball.

The shaft lean is a critical part of the golf swing, so I’m going to show you a little drill to help you make that happen consistently. It’s called the push drill.

Address the ball as I’m doing in the second photo. Then simply push the ball as far forward as you can. If it goes 20 or 30 yards, you’ve done really well. This will help you get a feel for shaft position prior to and just after impact.


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Craig Shankland is the Director of the Craig Shankland Golf School at the LPGA International Golf Club in Daytona Beach, Fla.

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