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Carlos Gonzalez has had a stellar month for the Rockies.

Carlos Gonzalez has had a stellar month for the Rockies.

Welcome to Fantasy Spin Cycle,’s bi-weekly “cheat sheet” covering myriad topics in a quick-hitting style intended to help keep you in the game from the first pitch of the season to the final bubbly shower in October. On Mondays, we’ll review the hot players and the cold, the emergency free agents and timely cuts, and all the latest medical reports. On Fridays, we’ll examine the fantasy impact of the latest MLB transactions, break out some stimulating stats, turn an eye to keeper leagues, offer a few random thoughts and keep a close eye on closers.


Leaders and Losers


Last 7 Days

Last 30 Days

Last Year


Julio Borbon-.480

Carlos Gonzalez-.430

Josh Hamilton-.361


Jason Bartlett-.478

Casper Wells-.391

Carlos Gonzalez-.341


Ike Davis-.474

Billy Butler-.379

Omar Infante-.330


Rickie Weeks-10

Carlos Gonzalez-28

Albert Pujols-115


Miguel Cabrera-9

Troy Tulowitzki-27

Miguel Cabrera-115


Andrew McCutchen-9

Jayson Werth-25

Mark Teixeira-114


Miguel Cabrera-4

Troy Tulowitzki-15

Jose Bautista-57


Alex Rodriguez-4

Jose Bautista-10

Albert Pujols-42


Curtis Granderson-4

Curtis Granderson-9

Miguel Cabrera-40


Pedro Alvarez-13

Troy Tulowitzki-41

Miguel Cabrera-129


A. Pujols, R. Braun,

Carlos Gonzalez-30

Jose Bautista-129


C. Granderson-9

Shin-Soo Choo-25

Alex Rodriguez-126


Jason Bourgeois-4

Juan Pierre-11

Juan Pierre-64


Peter Bourjos-4

C. Crisp, C. Figgins,

Michael Bourn-54


many with-3

S. Victorino-10

Rajai Davis-48






Brandon Wood-.056

Carlos Pena-.122

Mark Reynolds-.195


Matt Wieters-.062

Michael Saunders-.133

Carlos Pena-.199


Josh Wilson-.062

Alberto Callaspo-.141

Aaron Hill-.209


Adrian Beltre-0 in 24 ABs

Chase Headley-5 in 102 ABs

Josh Wilson-27 in 361 ABs


Jason Heyward-0 in 22 ABs

Ryan Ludwick-5 in 93 ABs

Bengie Molina-30 in 369 ABs


Cesar Izturis-0 in 22 ABs

Casey Blake-5 in 83 ABs

Ivan Rodriguez-32 in 392 ABs


Jason Bourgeois-0 in 31 ABs

Placido Polanco-0 in 116 ABs

Elvis Andrus-0 in 593 ABs


Casey McGehee-0 in 31 ABs

Juan Pierre-0 in 113 ABs

Nyjer Morgan-0 in 491 ABs


several with-0 in 28

Michael Brantley-0 in 112 ABs

Jamey Carroll-0 in 368 ABs


Jason Bourgeois-0 in 31 ABs

Alberto Callaspo-2 in 85 ABs

Jamey Carroll-23 in 368 ABs


Ichiro-0 in 27 ABs

Chone Figgins-3 in 102 ABs

Nyjer Morgan-24 in 491 ABs


I. Kinsler, M. Ellis-0 in 24 ABs

Matt Kemp-3 in 89 ABs

Josh Wilson-25 in 361 ABs


many with-0

many with-0

Mark Teixeira-0 in 593




Billy Butler-0 in 591 ABs




Adrian Gonzalez-0 in 584 ABs



Last 7 Days

Last 30 Days

Last Year


Chris Volstad-0.00 in 15.2 IP

Carlos Zambrano-0.82

Felix Hernandez-2.32


J.A. Happ-0.00 in 12 IP

Jonathan Sanchez-0.83

Roy Halladay-2.44


J. Verlander, E. Santana-0 in 9 IP

Madison Bumgarner-1.09

Josh Johnson-2.47


C. Volstad. P.Maholm,

Jon Lester-5

Roy Halladay-21


T. Clipper,

Brett Myers-5

several with-20


M. Thornton-2

Cole Hamels-5



Chad Billingsley-19

Jon Lester-44

Felix Hernandez-237


Colby Lewis-16

Adam Wainwright-42

Jered Weaver-234


J. Saunders, H. Bailey-13

J. Verlander, T. Lincecum-41

J. Lester, T. Lincecum-227


Brad Lidge-4

Carlos Marmol-11

Brian Wilson-47


Juan Gutierrez-4

Brandon Lyon-11

Heath Bell-46


many with-2

several with-10

Rafael Soriano-45






Johnny Cueto-54.00

Jeff Niemann-9.97

R. Rowland-Smith-6.56


Ryan Dempster-48.60

Andrew Miller-9.49

Brian Bannister-6.34


Tom Gorzelanny-18.90

Sean O’Sullivan-9.13

Nate Robertson-5.87


many with-0

T. Lilly, J. Cueto,

Ross Ohlendorf-1 in 21 GS



M. Buehrle, J. Vargas,

R. Rowland-Smith-2 in 21 GS



A. Gallaraga-0 in 5 GS

Kevin Millwood-4 in 31 GS


Ross Detwiler-0 in 6 IP

Barry Enright-2.3 per 9 IP

Nick Blackburn-3.7 per 9 IP


Brett Anderson-1 in 6.2 IP

Carl Pavano-2.5 per 9 IP

R. Rowland-Smith-4.0 per 9 IP


Brett Myers-1 in 6 IP

R.A. Dickey-3.2 per 9 IP

Mark Buehrle-4.2 per 9 IP


many with-0

many with-0

Pedro Feliciano-0 in 92 GP




Randy Choate-0 in 86 GP




J. Beimel, J. Lopez-0 in 74 GP




Double Play

Two players you should claim off your league’s free agent list TODAY:

·Jeff Francoeur, OF, Rangers: Francoeur is 14 for 31 (.452) with 11 RBIs through his last eight games. It’s likely nothing more than a temporary spike (we’ve seen those from him before), but it’s worth riding for a week. Texas would like to get a sense of what they have as he heads into an arbitration year, and since they’ve already clinched, they’ll play him.

·Jay Payton, OF, Rockies: Payton’s improbable Lazarus act continues. After sitting out 2009, the 37-year-old shown he can still hit and run both in Triple-A (.323 AVG, 13 SBs) and in the Bigs (10 for 23 since his recall). The Rox are riding the hot hand, and so should you.


Double Cut

Two players it’s time to cut loose or deal:

·Jeff Mathis, Angels: With the readiness of young Hank Conger, Mathis and his sub-Mendoza performance in more than a grand’s worth of career plate appearances finally seem resigned to a long career as a backup defensive specialist. The Angels will get an eyeful of Conger this week; Jeff gets a buttful of pine.

·Edgar Renteria, SS, Giants: The 34-year-old, who’s seen his year deteriorate into a mess of injuries and inactivity, concedes that retirement is almost inevitable.


Trauma Center

Updates on the injury status of key players.  A condition of Fair or better implies a roughly 50-50 chance of the player returning to action sometime this week.


Andrew Bailey, CL, A’s (elbow)

Jarrod Saltalamacchia, C, Red Sox (thumb)

John Lindsey, 1B, Dodgers (hand)


Jason Donald, 2B, Indians (finger)

Russ Branyan, 1B, Mariners (back)

Gavin Floyd, SP, White Sox (shoulder)

Jim Edmonds, OF, Reds (Achilles)


Michael Bourn, OF, Astros (oblique)

Edgar Renteria, SS, Giants (elbow)

J.J. Hardy, SS, Twins (knee)

Joe Mauer, C, Twins (knee)

Chris Capuano, SP, Brewers (groin)

Laynce Nix, OF, Reds (ankle)

Freddy Sanchez, 2B, Giants (shoulder)

Josh Hamilton, OF, Rangers (ribs)


David Aardsma, CL, Mariners (oblique)

Mike Carp, 1B, Mariners (foot)

Evan Longoria, 3B, Rays (quad)

Marlon Byrd, OF, Cubs (face)

Brandon Webb, SP, Diamondbacks (shoulder)

Mark Reynolds, 3B, Diamondbacks (thumb)

Mitch Maier, OF, Royals (knee)

Denard Span, OF, Twins (foot)

John Bowker, 1B/OF, Pirates (knee)

Orlando Cabrera, SS, Reds (oblique)


Freddy Garcia, SP, White Sox (back)

Ian Stewart, 3B, Rockies (oblique)

Jose Valverde, RP, Tigers (elbow)

Jimmy Rollins, SS, Phillies (hamstring)

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